{hurricane irene....or the slowest moving thing ever}

oh em gee this thing is slow. i know most hurricanes are but this thing just seems like it has the mind of a two year old on their way to time out. get a move on already!!!!!!!!

irene is in new york. or almost there. who knows. i'm sure i'll be waking up tonight to some excitement. she's not too far away now. here is a newer pic with pretty purple warnings....

btw...i am COASTAL. :)

and here is my hero. mike seidel. he is reporting for the weather channel.  he is brave. and someday, i want his job. here are some cool shots of him at work. what i really want to see is him try to walk tomorrow after using all the muscles in his body to stand up all day in that wind. :)
seidel 1

seidel 2
seriously, lisa and i were watching all morning and when we left for work at 1:00 pm he was still in that ocean. good job man.

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