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I'm one of those really over emotional people that cry for no reason all the time.  That ALMOST happened today while I was taking a walk in my neighborhood.  I've been trying to be healthier.  I'm watching my calories and trying to get some sort of cardio is as much as possible.

With that said, I've been taking walks a few times a week.  We are very lucky to live on the coast.  Like ON the coast.  Today the ocean was to my right 99% of my two mile walk and I did not take it for granted.  The simple fact that we have this opportunity almost brought me to tears.  I did tell you up there that I cry for no reason, right?

And this post was so awesome as I was walking along.  It's not going to come out at all like I wanted it to.  Oh well.  That's ok.  What are you going to do?  The important message here is that....

We live in an awesome place!  It's really quiet in the Winter and then really loud and alive in the Summer when everyone comes to visit for their summer vacations.  As I was walking tonight I realized that all of these people are picking to come here to our little village to come make their memories and we live here year round to make ours.  How cool?!

As I was walking, everything was on high alert.  My senses were hit by the smells of fresh cut grass, the flowers in bloom and of the ferny tree things.  Yeah, I know.  What the hell are ferny tree things?  Freshly painted white fences and smiling happy people.  Everyone you walk by either waves or smiles.  I smiled at the two teenage boys on the deck of their summer rental strumming their guitar.  There was the older woman sitting in her rocking chair on her front porch just taking it all in.  I stopped and took a photo of the photo shoot going on on the front beach.  Our little village was alive today.


Some of my fondest childhood memories involve water and the beach.  I'm so glad that our children are going to have some of that.  I know that we won't live as close to the water when we buy a house.  There's just no way financially to be in walking distance like we are now.  But I will make sure they get here often.

Look at me rocking that bikini!  I was five here.  :)

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

BTW, our little village will be featured in the up and coming Steve Carell movie called The Way Way Back.  Check it out.  They even drove by our house.

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  1. what a sweet post about your town. We are currently living in the burbs of Atlanta, and we love it!!!!!