{Beaching it with Inkyblog}

My kids are head over heels in love with Carol.  I even caught them singing a song about a "Carol" the other day.  After weeks of trying the Cape Cod beach gods smiled down on us and we were finally able to get together today.

I was too lazy to do anything with these but pull them in Lightroom and throw them into these goofy templates which I hate to do cause I like to put the day in order.  But whatever.  Lol.  Also, Chloe took a lot of these first ones while I was busy blowing up the float rings.  :)
beach 1
Chloe took all of these. Aren't we cute??! And no, I don't normally keep my iPhone in my boobs. Lisa was flying all day and I wanted to keep it on me at all times and I didn't have pockets. lol.
beach 2
beach 3
beach 4
beach 5
beach 10
beach 7
beach 8
beach 9
beach 11
I had to put these in separate because this girl can eat some popcorn. Good lord she downed this bag. She just stood there on the beach downing fist fulls and all of a sudden the wind took the bag away. I couldn't help but laugh. lol.
beach 6

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  1. no better way to beat the heat than playing at the beach!