{Getting Healthy}

I've posted many "weight loss" posts here.  And do you know where they all got me?  Back up to 230 lbs.  And flip flopping with writing about losing weight and about accepting myself.  You know what? Enough already.

I do accept myself.  I love myself.  I am perfect.  But I am overweight.  But I don't need to "lose weight".  I need to "become healthier".  So that's what I'm doing.  I'm not going crazy and limiting myself to only eating lettuce and working out non stop.  That's bullshit.

Pardon my language.  Or not.  ;)

I've been utilizing four apps to help me make healthy choices.  They all link with at least one of the other ones so it makes it really easy to merge everything.

I have been using My Fitness Pal for 50 days.  I have logged in every single day for 50 days.  I don't believe I have gone over my calorie goal at all and if I did, it was at the very beginning.  I have it set up to lose one pound a week.  Nothing crazy.

I also bought a Fit Bit.  I was on the fence about it at first and wasn't sure if I was going to keep it.  I have my goals set at 10,000 steps and 5 miles a day.  I try to always make my step goal {it doesn't happen everyday} but I don't kill myself over the miles.  I know if I hit the 10,000 steps then it was a good day.

My exercise has been walking.  That's it.  I walk outside, at home with my walking video or at the gym on the treadmill.  No elliptical.  No crazy aerobics.  I still do the occasional zumba when I can because I love it so much but I think I've been to three classes in the last 50 days.  I use Run Keeper to track my walking outside and at the gym.  I'll also plug in the amount of "miles" I went at home when I do my video.


The last one I just started using is Gym Pact.  Melissa told me about this one.  This is a no brainer if you're already working out on a consistent basis.  You make a pact to work out a certain amount of times per week and if you do, you get paid.  If you don't, you pay.  Easy.

So, the results.  So far I have lost a little over 16 pounds.  I'm really happy with those 16 pounds.  I know if I was "stricter" with what I ate for my calories or if I pushed my self more in my workouts I'd lose more but I'm not in it strictly to lose weight.  I just want to be healthier.  And I need to do that in a way that makes me want to stick with it.  So slow and steady wins the race.  Right?


If you're on MFP and want to be friends, my username is ambc23.  Let's support each other!

It's really easy to get over 2 miles in a day when they look like this.  ;)


  1. Congrats! keep up the good work towards being healthy!!!!

  2. I might run too if that was my view (and if it wasn't 100 degrees).

    Good job! You can do it, Angela!