{fauxlaroid thursday...9/27}

i skipped fauxlaroid thursday last week.  sorry y'all.  please don't let that stop you from linking up this week!

in case you don't know, i'm rather obsessed with polaroids.  everything on here used to be polaroids or fauxlaroids if you will.  i changed my header out a few weeks ago but i'm sure the fauxlaroids will be back!

i use instant (an imac app) and poladroid (free software you can dl to your comp) to make my fauxlaroids.  sometimes i also use Shakeit (an app on my iphone).  you can make your fauxlaroid however you would like.  just make sure to enter it through the inlikz link down below.  at the end of the month i'm giving away a cute camera plate to my favorite entry. 

these are from last christmas. izz loved this zoo toy set she got from lisa's mom. i took these pics thinking they'd make a great set. i loved them even more when i fauxlaroided them! :)


link up below!

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  1. ok i am going to try to make one today........ instant and poladroid, i need to write it down xo