{fauxlaroid thursday....9/13}

good morning y'all!  today is thursday and you know what that means, fauxlaroid thursday!  i have a few fauxlaroids for you today.  the first one i made on my iphone with an app called "shakeit".  as much as i am in love with polaroids, i often forget about this app.  it's a good one though.  i actually used many apps in todays pic.  first i used "camera +" to take the pic, "vsco cam" to edit it, then pic frame to put them together and put the label on and lastly "shakeit".

i actually don't love how it came out. there's too much going on and too much editing. does that sound normal? lol. but it just goes to show you that they aren't always perfect, so don't give up. :)


i also made these with the "shakeit" app.


and don't forget, at the end of the month i'm sending one of you this cute plate. :)
to have your pic in the pool you have to enter the linky tool below and have my badge in your post. isn't it super cute?

faularoid thursday


  1. cute pics :)


  2. these are adorable! off to check out shakit