{just like carol}

i love the way {carol} writes her blog.  so today, i'm gonna do it just like her.  :)

to adele.  really it's my ipod on shuffle at work but adele just came on.  {don't you remember} to be precise.  i love adele and have a big huge honkin' girly crush on her and her friggin' adorable accent.  i don't think there is an adele song i don't like.  and, it puts the kids to sleep in the car.  what's not to love????

how my kiddos are doing at school.  bay started 8th grade and chloe 2nd.  i guess more so i'm wondering how the heck i have an 8th grader?!  am i really that old?  don't answer that.

sweets, sweets and more sweets.  i'm eating m&m's as i type and they aren't hitting the spot.  i really want to lose weight and stop eating the sweets but one want is much easier than the other.  boo.

to gather up all my returns/exchanges for target and just do it already.  i tend to save them up.

it was more fallish.  fall is my favorite season.  sweater season here i come!  ;)


  1. Gah, I've missed you so much! This format is so cool! I'm going to have to check out Carol's blog too. Hard to believe you have an 8th grader. !!! It's cliche, but so true... they grow up so fast. Oh and the M&M thing... yeah... I hear you. Me too. Sigh.

  2. you're sweet Angela. and the 8th grader, there is no way that can be right... he must have skipped a couple of grades on the way up, because i swear you look 12 xoxo

  3. also: have you tried those mounds with dark chocolate and coconut...? because i ate a ton of those yesterday and i definitely think they're better than dumb old M&Ms... if ever you see british smarties, try them - they are m&ms with REAL chocolate inside!!!