{i'll review the video}

it's my secret go-to to get the kids to not lie to me.  i know.  i know.  i know.  stop saying it.  i know.  it's weird and kind of well, weird.  it just happened one day.  it just popped out.  and it worked.  and it's worked every single time since.

i was asking someone about something and they were clearly lying.  i work security at work and for some reason i just said "tell me or i'll review the video". and omg it worked.  guys.  it worked.  it works.

for example....

chloe was at the table being a brat and saying "nuh uh" at everything one of her brothers or sister said to her.

chloe:  "nuh uh"
me: "chloe knock it off.  be nice to your family".
someone else.  "blah blah blah."
chloe:  "nuh uh!"
me:  "chloe come here!!!  did you just say nuh uh after i told you not to."
chloe:  "no."
me:  "really???????????????????????!"
chloe:  "no."
me:  "chloe, i'm going to review the video."
chloe:  "i did."
me:  "go to bed."

see??  totally works.

do you use anything wacky to get your kids to behave or tell the truth?

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  1. We still use a baby monitor for various things.... like if we go on the porch or to the car to get something. They know we can hear them. But even at 7 in the morning when we are all busy getting ready... the phrase 'I already heard what you said, so just tell me' ALWAYS works. Someday they'll figure out the thing isn't plugged in all the time :)