{the way i view....motherhood. for real life this time}

i didn't get my post together before i left for vacation.  which isn't a big deal unless you're part of a {circle}.  i tried not to break the circle this month by leaving {this} post so at least i was linked to my next person.  sorry {clair} for being late!

what i had envisioned for this month didn't happen.  but i love the shots i got.  i could on for days about the joys and challenges of being a mom.  i'm sure all of us moms could.  i knew as soon as i saw this topic that i wanted it to be about lisa.

lisa is a fantastic mother.  i don't know how in the short period of time that we've been together she's been able to transform from singledom to wife and parent.  she's amazing.  it was really hard for her at first.  not only did she not become a mother the traditional way, she got smacked with four kids at once with varying stages of whiny and difficult.  remember when you brought that newborn baby home and the fear you had?  what if he doesn't like me?  what if i'm a bad mother?  what if i can't do this?  multiply that by four and add in kids that already had their "parents" and are old enough to have their own opinions.   she handled it all with grace.  and now, now she's a pro.  she tells me that she's learned how to be an awesome mom from watching me, but i learn from her every single day.

we talk about it often.  about her transformation.  about the difficulties she faced.  and now, she doesn't worry about whether or not they'll like her.  she doesn't worry about not being able to do it.  she does worry about being a bad mother i'm sure.  i think we all do no matter what deep down inside.  which in turn is what makes us awesome moms.  right?!  :)  now she worries about how they are doing in school.  she worries about whether they are getting the right food and whether or not they are healthy.   now, when we are at disney without them, she cries because she misses them and wishes they were there too.  {shhhhhh.   i didn't tell you!  it's a secret.  pinky promise?  ok good.}

now, she is a mother.  welcome to motherhood my love!  i wrote in my mother's day post about how they are the luckiest kids in the world because they have three moms now and they truly do.  lucky dogs.

here are a few pics i took yesterday.  i'm not even sure she knew what i was doing but i love watching her play with the kids.  they played memory, then she went over bay's homework folders with him {this is reason enough to love her and worship her forever, trust me} and then she practiced math facts with bay and chloe.  perfect.  :)







if you didn't see my post before, please go see {clair}'s blog post now.  she rocks.  you'll love it!  :)


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  1. Beautiful, Angela, Lisa is aweosme!!!!!