{thought bubbles}

it's early sunday am.  i need coffee and i need it now.  i rationalize long enough to realize that the kids need to be dressed and i need at least a bra before i head to my favorite coffee spot to run and get my large iced coffee and run home.  yes, i go out for coffee.  every day.  it's that important to me.  i make crap coffee at home.  {unless i'm in florida, but that's another post for another time}.

so i get everyone dressed and out of the house as quietly as possible because lisa is still asleep.  we get to the coffee shop.  i run in.  i run out.  i sit down and all hell breaks loose.  the 13 year old is complaining that the 7 year old hit him.  she's screaming that she didn't and that i should watch the tapes.  {another post for another time}.  the 5 year old is crying because nobody will let him sing.

the 3 year old?  in her carseat with the most evil smile i've ever seen on her face.  her thought bubble if they existed, "i'm just gonna sit here and watch them destroy themselves.  i'm earning brownie points just by being quiet.  nice.  keep it up guys!"


  1. And here I sit, mother of an only child. stressed in my own, different way. ;)

    1. everyone has stresses. believe me. i stressed with one as well! :)