i missed last week's insta-friday. i was in sunny florida with my love visiting the house of mouse. so i probably have a lot for you this week. although i think i share a lot every week. i'm an over sharer. i see people post four pics and apologize for the length and i'm like, "yeah, that's waaay too short you jerk!" lol. well, here you go! grab some coffee and relax.

two weeks ago me and my bff went out for some outlet shopping and lunch after tee ball. we went to toby keith's bar at patriot place. i had never been there. it was yummy. and yes, those are fried twinkles on the menu. neither of us got them. i was still on a diet then. lol.


{it's unfortunate that that pic is blurry of jen, but it's epic either way!}

i got a pretty new necklace that i love.

we stopped at starbucks. of course.
{and we got free drink coupons. why? i'm not sure. maybe he thought we were cute!}

this is a cute dress i got recently. and one of the last pics of me with long hair. or the last to be exact. don't mind the ummm boobs and that white thing in my hair. lol.

short hair! i hated it at first but it's grown on me.

love these two songs. and yes, i love the beibs and i'll admit it.

i love this one too. :)

chloe had field day last week. it was awesome.

she won first place in the home run hit! :)

isn't she pretty?! :)

thick fog has taken over our little corner of the world in the mornings lately. it's really pretty. this day it was super thick though!

while still on the diet, i was making ice cream sandwiches out of whole wheat blueberry waffles, no sugar added vanilla ice cream, cool whip, fresh blueberries and fresh strawberries. they were heaven.

i got sent this pic by lisa. aren't they cute???! isn't she cute for sending it to me???! :)

me and my boy enjoyed two naps on the couch together this week. :)

we had a crazy hair day at school!

we saw a gorgeous rainbow outside of bay's school!

i got a great new shirt from target's pride collection. they are selling them online for a limited time during june. this is a crappy pic and it's a bit too small but it says harmony down the front of it in rainbow colors. i love it. maybe i'll make a purse out of it!

more fog.

and three of the four cutest kids you've ever seen!

life rearranged


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  1. hey, i found your blog thru the insta-friday linkup, i linked up for the first time today. I'm also a fan of coffee and phil phillips so i figured I'd leave a note and say hey.