{my hair was pink}

{still on my florida vacation with my love so you get some random scheduled posts to hold you over!}

i say was because i've since cut it all off.  :(  i really liked the pink.  like a lot.  and now it's too short to have pink in it cause it will be up by my face and that's too much.  at least for me.  lol.  i love my hair short, don't get me wrong but i was digging it long.  i decided to cut it off because a: it's almost summer and i sweat.  a lot.  b: the ends were really dry and damaged from bleaching it.  it was the right thing to do.  it's so much more healthy now.  and hey, it's just hair.  it will grow back!  :)

these are awful pics but the best i have to show how pink it was when i first did it....




yay!!!!! have you done anything fun and crazy with your hair?

and my bff. who even let me do a strand of her hair! :)


p.s. those balloons in the background, have been up since my birthday. february 2. i know huh? kind of scary.



  1. Too funny! I've actually been texting my stylist friend all week about doing this with my hair. Next Tuesday, I'll be rocking some delicious chocolate brown, pink ombre locks.

    Btw - It looked great on you!

    1. awwww shucks, thanks! i can't wait to see yours! i actually did mine myself. gasp! it was scary but i loved the outcome. i had done purple once too but when it faded, the pink went away and i was left with blue which wouldn't be awful, the blue turned green and not pretty green. lol.