{how people have found me}

i love checking the stats on my blog and with the year coming to a close it thought it would be fun to do a post with some statistics if you will about my little corner of the internet.  :)

i love checking out what country people are visiting from. apparently this week someone in Slovakia found me. Hi Slovakia!!!! i've also had visitors from United States, Russia, France, Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Slovakia & Thailand this week.

my all time most popular post is {the engagement story...aka the 100th post!}  with 68 views. 

the next most popular post is my {10 on 10 : december} with 51 views.

i've gotten the most traffic from my wonderfully talented friend {misti}'s blog.  we did a photo challenge together.  :)

probably my most favorite stat to look at is the "search keywords".  this i'm assuming is what people have typed into a search engine that has brought them to my blog. 

please mommy no more daddies - 8 {makes sense...it's the title}

pleasemommynomoredaddies.blogspot.com - 7 {again, makes sense}

pleasemommynomoredaddies - 5  {last time, makes sense}

and the water was soooooooo - 2 {i'm guessing this came up to my post about hurricane irene...but who searches that??} 

fun before the - 2  {storm!  hurricane irene again}

says that this was taken on - 2 {i have no idea}

target vig night - 2 {swansea's vig night!}

"cupcake charlie's" and "funfetti" - 1 {and cause i'm a fat kid}

so yeah.  i've been blogging since 6/1/2011.  i love it.  i think i'm bad at it, but i love it.  my very first post was in 9/2010 but that doesn't count.  especially since i didn't blog again until 6/1/2011.  i've also posted 229 published blog posts.  that's awesome!!!!

but anywho, if you're a reader, comment already!  i love to know who reads and what you all think.  :)

i hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{a picture from the month i started blogging}


  1. I get some wacky search words too -- my favorite from recently was "death to elf on a shelf." LOL

  2. Someday I hope to be a big time blogger like you and break the 3 digit mark! Very cool!

  3. Super glad I found your blog via the challenge! I hope we find some new challenges to keep the party going!