{stuff you should see}

or at least i think so.  ;)

{this} time-lapse journey through oregon.  just wow.

{100} days of winter.  angie is counting down the days of winter by taking one photo a day.  there's a flickr group and all.  go check it out.  it's an awesome idea if you aren't like me and you actually finish things.  lol.

diy {shrinky dink} christmas ornaments using plastic take out containers.  so awesome!

these {regular things} found in nature to look like they are a part of nature.  make sense?!  lol

family photos {strung up} on a christmas tree and lit up??!  perfection.  this will be in my house someday.

go {here} and type your name in for a 2 minute power ballad apology from ob.  super fun.

these cute little babies in their parents {clothes}

candy shown through {water} droplets.

this yummy recipe for tasty sweet sugary {tortillas}

the {best} walt disney world castle picture ever!

i leave you with what my week looked like at work. :(

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