{another photo challenge type thing that i will ultimately fail at....oh well}

i know.  i never finished the grateful challenge.  i know.  i'm a failure.  a giver upper.  a loser.  i know.  but i have a great excuse!  kind of.  lol.  i get caught up in "real life" and forget.  it's been such a busy month over here in my neck of the woods.  this week alone consisted of one emergency visit to the emergency room and one scheduled visit to the surgery center.  all for little ones under 7.  i'm not real good dealing with stress related to my kiddos.  i'm really good at hiding it though.  i tend to bottle it up because i don't want them to see me upset and get upset or scared themselves so i put on my brave face as all parents do.  and then, i get sick.  lol.  i feel like absolute poop this week. 

but more on my crazy week later.  for now, i leave you with the {list}.  i found it over at {positively present}.  i might be most excited about this challenge.  i wanted to start my own holiday photo challenge but then i found this one and it's perfect.  because really, how could i start a challenge for other people when i can't finish them myself?!

I have confidence in this one because i LOVE LOVE LOVE christmas.  it's my absolute favorite holiday and favorite time of the year.  this month is going to fly by and i'd love to have some pics to remember it by.  i'm going to attempt to use my dslr for most of the days but *may* use iphone fill ins.  and again, no rules.  i'm gonna fly by the seat of my pants!  ;)


Day 1: Lights
Day 2: Decorations
Day 3: Gifts
Day 4: Tradition
Day 5: Santa
Day 6: Stockings
Day 7: Snow
Day 8: Tree
Day 9: Treats
Day 10: Joy
Day 11: Carols
Day 12: Vintage
Day 13: Festive
Day 14: Glitter
Day 15: Warmth
Day 16: Ornaments
Day 17: Wreath
Day 18: Giving
Day 19: Reindeer
Day 20: Memories
Day 21: Bells
Day 22: Cookies
Day 23: Sparkle
Day 24: Xmas Eve
Day 25: Unwrapped


  1. Great idea! I'm horrible at finishing things too. :-(

  2. OH man ... I love Christmas too! Probably should have given up on the grateful list, but just hate quitting. So good luck on this one! Let the holiday be your guide!