today is december 19th which means christmas is in 6 days.  math.  blech.  at least i did it for ya.  ;)  if you don't know me then you have no idea that christmas is MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!!!  seriously.  christmas is a month long event for me.  christmas music stays on my ipod all year long.  {although i get sick of it around february}

this year has been a great christmas month so far.  lisa and i got all the kids shopping done early.  like before black friday early.  so that stress is non existent.  now i'm having stress filled fun baking and making gifts for everyone. 

every year i bake cookies for co-workers.  i typically do a blackberry jam sugar cookie, a cranberry oatmeal and a coconut delight.  this year i'm going easier.  i'm doing snowflakes in chocolate, spice and lemon.  they are so easy and so so yummy!  i've shared the recipe before but i'll try to get some pics and share a real recipe soon.  i also made fudge this year.  i've only made fudge once before and it was super yummy.  this year i'm making two batches.  i decided to get creative and mix in some minty andes candies in one of them.  i'm not a fan.  i will be snacking off of the plain batch.  ;)

i seriously NEED to go to disney at christmas time.  it would combine two of my all time favorite things.  someday.  someday.  until then, a very talented disney photographer has put together this time lapse video.  it's as if you're there.  almost....

my favorite part of christmas which i don't do nearly often enough is helping others.  a few years ago one of my co-workers didn't have a christmas tree.  she just couldn't afford one.  i lugged my small children around until i found one {it was really close to christmas} and i bought it for her.  then i delivered it to her house.  i can imagine what it did for her because i know what it did for me.  it filled me with such a feeling of happiness and warmth.  this year lisa and i "adopted" a child of sorts.  someone i know was having a hard time {like so many of us} and was worried about gifts for her small child.  lisa and i went shopping.  we didn't get much but i know what we got will be greatly appreciated.  it just makes me happy. 

as christmas nears i fear the day my tree will go away.  the one thing i haven't really done this year is sit and enjoy our christmas tree.  you know the coffee-in-hand-feet-up-kind-of-just-staring-at-it-enjoying.  this will be done this week.  or else.  or else what you say?  or else my tree will stay up until next year and my kids will be singing this song.....

until next time.  go do something for yourself.  go do something for someone else.  just go do something to celebrate this holiday season.  :)

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  1. That is wonderful Angela. I also think that one of the best things about Christmas is helping others. :) like you, I get just as much out of it asbthey do, if not more. I remember the lean years when I worried about how I would pay for Christmas gifts and now that we are in a position to do so, I want to help others have a nice Christmas.

    I always like to sit and look at our tree at night with all of the lights off. i habe enjoyed that since I was a child.

    I am headed to a place that is very familiar to you, Target! Second day in a row! Yesterday was not too crowded, I hope it is the same today.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!