{25 days of christmas...1, 2, 3 & 4}

i'm already behind.  go figure.  ;)

check out the {original} post with the link to the original blog post.

day 1.  lights.  i actually took these with my actual camera and not my iphone.  can you believe it?!  lol.


day 2.  decorations.  we don't really have "decorations".  so lisa and i went to her mom's house and i snapped some iphone pics of hers.  :)

i loved this bowl....

and of course, her carolers....

and she's already got her tree all decorated too!

day 3. gifts. we have purchased everything for the kids but it's all at lisa's mom's house and not wrapped pretty. here are some of the bedsets they are gonna get. exciting huh?

day 4. tradition. last year "balsam" our scout elf came to visit for the first time. the kids love waking up each morning and seeing who can find him first.

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  1. Hey Angela!

    Thanks for your nice comment over at Team Skelley. Our kids are the same as yours- the first thing they do when they come downstairs is look for "Rupert". Hope Target is not too crazy right now! :D