weekly polaroid fix.... {mr. happy}

this is the very first installment of "weekly polaroid fix".  these aren't real polaroids unfortunately.  they are fauxlaroids.  or poladroids.  you can install this awesome app HERE!

polaroids make me feel like the photos are from my childhood.  even though we didn't have a polaroid growing up.

i'm going to try to do themes each week.  this week is ian.  {mr. happy}

these are old shots of ian. when i took them i had one or two keepers. but toss them in poladroid, and they are all swoon worthy. i love them as a set so i'm gonna show you all of them. :)



  1. Cute photos!

    My "real" polaroid camera just sits on my dresser all sad and lonely without any film left. I should get Poladroid!

  2. I love the vintage feel of the photos with the Polaroid app! Very cool.