i'm the world's worst blogger

really. i am. i have every intention of writing. i even have a list saved in my notes on my iphone (not endorsed by apple...but i wish...hint hint). it's a great list. it has all the awesomeness that i want to write for everyone but i just don't have time.

so here i am, writing when i definitely do. not. have the time. i promise to try to write some entries tonight. promise.

for now, here's some pictures of things to come...a sneak peek if you will. :)


isn't he the cutest baby ever???????!

of course there's another yummy cupcake post coming soon. :)
(also, not endorsed by cupcake charlie's but i might like that more than apple..just sayin').

and there you have it....i know you can't wait for the actual entries! :)

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