allergies....they suck.

it seems that my poor handsome pants {ian} is allergic to our guinea pig nutmeg. he was playing with her before we left for bailey's basketball game. we got to the game a bit early so we were sitting in the parking lot for a bit.
what? you don't spend your time taking self photos????

so then ian comes up behind me....whiney but he loves to take pics with mommy, so perfect opp to get him in on one....
what? your eye isn't supposed to look like that? so obviously the poor kid needed some benadryl....fast. with the allergies my kids have i should have benadryl on me at all times. {if not own stock in it}. but alas, my mommy of the year award is in the mail...with the benadryl for my purse, so off to Shaw's we went. we then went directly to lisa's mom's house because she lives right there. i wanted to make sure we washed his hands well and got him some ice for his eye.
this was his eye about an hour later.
and this was almost three hours later. i'm not sure why he looks so crazy special here.
this was a bit later while watching tv.


  1. Ugh that happens to me about once a year with the cats and it is horrendous. I want to claw my eye out when that happens. Poor guy :(