whale watching...

a couple of weeks ago we went on a whale watch as a team building event at the store that i work at. it was a lot of fun. the only other whale watch i had been on as a "watcher" was in junior high school. i was sooooooo excited. in a former life i wanted to be a marine biologist, so this was perfect for me. well, we didn't see a single whale. waaa waaa. on my junior high whale watch we also went deep sea fishing. the only thing i caught was a sea cucumber. it was this nasty looking red thing that lives on the bottom of the ocean.
this is kinda like what my sea cucumber looked like.

anyways, this whale watch was lots of fun. we got to see minke and humpback whales. we even saw a mom and calf humpback pair! so awesome. but the awesomeness wore off and the sea sickness wore on. i'm feeling sick just writing about it. i didn't actually throw up but i did take motion sickness meds and i wore sea bands. i was hot stuff. ;)

here is the blog post from Captain John Boats for the day we went out.

here are some of my pics from the day. :)

a group shot. :)

whale watch collage

whale watch collage 2

we learned that these "pools" where all the birds are means that there is a whale in the area. The whales force all the food to the top of the water and the birds feed on it.

the humpbacks were my favorite. i've always gotten a sense of excitement seeing that huge beautiful tail come out of the water. :)

we saw a mother and calf pair. that was exciting. they came up very close to the boat.

this cracked me up. these two guys were out here on their little boat. with huge whales around them. i would have been nervous, but they seemed to be enjoying it.

this is my final shot from the way back into the harbor. :)

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