Zoo Time...and I don't mean the everyday zoo at my house :)

lisa and i recently brought the kids to the zoo. and by recently i mean like a month and half ago...i'm slow on the uptake lately. here are some pics from our day. :)

the first thing we saw were the ostriches. they were huge!

izzy and ian weren't that interested...lol.

here is a comparison to see just how big they were. :)

i wish i had had myself, lisa and izz get in this...it would have been awesomesauce!

my boy let me take a nice pic of him. :)

they were pretty close to that lion huh?!

my loves.

everyone loved the camel.

a rare photo with me in it.

so cute!

and lastly, a mommy gorilla with a little surprise hidden down there. I'll have a whole blog entry just for them later on. :)

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