it's mean to call people stupid, right?!

what if they really, really deserve it????? i had to go to lowe's today to buy wood for our smore's campfire. i'm not sure if you know this about me or not but i'm not really the kind of girl that goes to lowe's. i have no idea where the wood is. when i don't see it outside, i decide to go in and ask. so i go into the store and head towards the most people. the first employee saw me coming with my lost look and ran away. so i kept going. the next employee i ran into was a cashier. she was standing leaning against the register playing with her cell phone. in her defense, she was very nice. i asked her if they had wood (made for campfires so i wasn't sent to the lumber yard) and she sent me to the seasonal department. she also told me that she wasn't sure if they had any left because of the "season". apparently lots of people camp in the summer....whuck?? i had no idea.

this is the type of wood i was looking for. :)

so, i head to the seasonal department and ask the first person i see for the wood. she let me get through my whole speech about camp wood and told me that she was a plant vendor. she told me i had to find someone with a red vest (instead of her tan one). fair enough. i work in retail, i understand vendors. however, this hasn't helped with my frustration at all. i move along. straight to the register. finally. the woman that actually for sure works in this department must know where the wood is. so i say to her "hi! do you know if you have any camping wood left?" all common sense would tell you that she MUST know where it is. right? well this is what she said to me. "i don't know. have you bought it before? do you know where it is?" WHUCK???? (in case you didn't know, whuck = what the f**k. i borrowed this phrase from some awesome mommies over at http://www.rantsfrommommyland.com). ummmmmmm. no. if i had purchased it before, i would certainly not be talking to you. she then continued to tell me that she thinks it might be over there somewhere and pointed to the right side of the seasonal department. I headed that way. by MYSELF to look for the wood. of course it was not over there. it ended up being on the opposite side of the department. all while i was looking i heard her ask someone else if they knew where the wood was. so i assumed he worked there as well. when he continued to talk to her about japanese maple trees, i got frustrated only to figure out that he didn't actually work there. seriously lady? really? for real life? when i came back to purchase the wood she greeted me with "oh, you found it? good!" uh huh. i did. she then asked me if the other (actual) employee she asked came over and told me where it was. i told her no. she then responded with "oh well, no biggie". my response had i just spoke my mind would most definitely have been "you're right. no biggie. now give me the portion of your paycheck that i just earned". no it's no biggie.

adjective, -er -est

1.  lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
2.  characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless:  a stupid person.
3.  tediously dull, especially due to a lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless:  a stupid party.

after all was said and done, i got my wood. (that's what she said). we had a little campfire and toasted marshmallows. that post will be coming up soon! :)

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  1. Not all retail people were trained at Target, that's for sure! Now that I'm mostly out of retail and I'm getting older, I always fill out the surveys for crappy service!