{happy birthday chloe}

dear chloe-

today you are seven. SEVEN. i can't even stand it. i've got quite a few pictures {ok a lot of pictures here} let's grab you some juice and i'll get myself some coffee of course. let's sit and look at you. how perfect you are. :)

it seems like just a little bit ago that you were born. i remember the day so clearly. it was may 19, 2005. you were late. you were due on the 15th of may. your daddy and i were on the way to the hospital for a non stress test. we were in a red car {i don't remember what kind} and i was eating a blueberry bagel from dunkin' donuts. i was having contractions and thought "this could be it". but you see, i had lots and lots of "this could be it" moments with you in the car. whenever we were driving around i would have regular strong contractions and then when i got out, nothing. i used to joke with daddy and the nurses that i was going to sit in the car until you came.

on this day though, i had a good feeling. i called grandma and told her that this was it. you were born at south shore hospital in braintree so it was a far drive. we got to the hospital for our test and you know what, NO CONTRACTIONS! you fresh girl. you were teasing us already. i sat on the monitors for a while disappointed and then one midwives came in and said, do you want to have a baby today???? YES!

so we went up to a room and got settled. the rooms at this hospital are gorgeous. i got my epidural and it didn't quite work. so they gave me more. it made me loopy and hungry so i sent daddy out for hostess chocolate cupcakes. :) when they broke my water, there was meconium in it. that's not good for you so we needed special doctors there for you when you were born to make sure you were ok. i remember pushing once and the midwife telling me to stop because you were ready to come out but the doctors weren't there yet. i remember them all running down the hall. two more pushes and you were born. and you were perfect. no need for all those doctors except to give you a warm welcome. grandma cut your umbilical cord.

you were perfect. my perfect little angel girl. my very first baby girl. i was in love with you the second i knew you existed and it multiplied a million times the first time i held you.

your big brother bailey was at the hospital waiting with auntie jess when you were born. did you know he wanted to name you "Pinocchio on the side of the road"? i don't know where he came up with that but we would walk through target and that's what he would tell our friends your name was going to be. he was so excited to have a baby sister. i think he liked you more than his spiderman toys!

you were perfect. are you ready to look at some pictures? :)  i tried to narrow it down but there's still a lot.  i started from when i started my flickr account.  we look through the hard drive a lot, so this was just easier.  :)

and i know, a lot of these look like isobel.  but it's not.  it's you.  you guys could be twins if you weren't born four years apart.

i love your eyes in this picture.
Too blue?

my tutu princess.  this was mommy's first {and last so far} successful silhouette.  love this picture of you.
When you wish upon a star!Looking up at the star(s)  (b&w)

Are you feeling chairy?!

this was your first haircut.  we went to a place in plymouth that just for kids.  you sat there and didnt' move, didn't talk and had your tongue out the whole time.
First haircut

you looked cute with your short hair.  :)  {yes, your skin was very dry. it's still dry but not as bad.}
My girl... (color)

this is my most favorite picture of you ever.  ever ever ever. 
At the Beach

this was from your second birthday.  you were a tired girl.
Tired Bday girl (Re-visited)


Walk the plank me Matey!

you were a monkey for halloween this year but didn't like to wear your hood/head.
Chloe Monkey

you and bailey were the best of friends. {you still get along most of the time. ;) }
Like Brother like Sister.

This is....Tv and a hairclip

we brought you to children's hospital in boston so they could look at your skin.  they gave us the medicine that we still use today.  :)
Hehehe.Look there's my butt.

Mommy & Me

such silly faces!  you still make the best silly faces.  :)
C at her bestest....

Ummm yeah.....

you loved this tent.  you used to make me go in there with you all the time.
The Princesses.  42 (365)

More of the princess.


Tape.OMG!  What is that?!

She's been so cooperative lately.:)

littlest pet shops were your favorite.  that's why you have so many of them!


She sleeps.....


this was your fist time at the dentist.  you picked a transformners tooth brush.
I would not want this job...Transformers!

Love this.

you were very sick here.  you and mommy both had pneumonia.  we spent three days in bed watching tv and sleeping.  you don't really need your nebulizer much anymore huh?
Second day of breathing treatments.

see?  i told you that you pointed this way!
This is how she points.......
you wanted to dress up like a witch for our walk.  :)
Witchy Poo.

another of my faves.  my little supermodel!
Our favorite place!  :)

your first day of "school".  it was only speech but you loved it!  this is where you met ms. ryder.
First day of school.

happy happy birthday!....aka......sometimes she's nice and shares.  :)

and you've always been a daddy's girl.  i don't think that will ever change.  :)
Careful Daddy.

I'm late.  lol

My girl.


this was from your first trip down to florida to see your family.  you have the cutest smile ever.  :)

you've always loved the monkey bars!
{Monkey Bars}



you're a great helper.
{Cake maker}


you don't know who this is, but every time i look at this picture, i think you look like vada.  :)


{pretty pretty princess}


look blue monkey!
{Blue Monkey}

first day of preschool!  :)
{First day of school}

five years old

preschool graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



this is from NNO in onset.  look you're taller than lisa!  ;)

you loved lola.  and lola loved you. 




you, ian and izz were the cutest gnomes on the block!


first day of kindergarten!  :)





you lost one of your teeth so you wrote a note for the tooth fairy...do you remember? 


this is when jess cut your hair short again.  i love your hair this length.  you look so grown up!



 first day of first grade!  :)


cutest minnie mouse ever!


remember when you threw all the snow at lisa?  lol



did you have fun looking at all these pictures with me?  i had so much fun showing you!

i love you so much chloe elizabeth!  happy seventh birthday.  you are the most beautiful little Chloe Bean there ever was.  thank you for coming to be my first baby girl.  you are perfect! 


  1. Sweetest post ever! And that photo of her in the hospital gown looking back at her diaper is priceless! Such beautiful photographs!

  2. She is a sweetheart! Happy Birthday, Chloe!