{martha's vineyard}

i've never been to martha's vineyard in my life. well, at least until a few weeks ago. i've lived near Cape Cod forever and i've never ventured over to the island. at work we go on "outings". this time it was to the vineyard. we took the ferry over, went out to lunch and walked around for a bit. it was fun. i can't wait to go back and spend more time.

i took quite a few pictures but it was supposed to rain so i didn't lug over my dslr. hipstamatic to the rescue!!!


we went to sharky's for lunch. they had the cutest hallway near the bathroom. :)


after lunch we checked out some local shops. i even found a cute coffee shop. you know i did!

in this shop, i wanted everything! those vintage cameras, matchbooks, pins and felted cupcakes! omg! and that cute little button bouquet was tdf. i want a button bouquet when lisa and i get married....


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