{another mother's day post}

so yeah.  if you read my last post you'd see that i kind of put a list of things i wanted to get today out there.  it was a joke.  lisa and i had decided no gifts.  when will i ever learn?  i got a text telling me to open the laptop and that i would have to work for my card today.  ummmm ok.  i got five or six clues like a scavenger hunt and then i finally found my card.  which was right next to my new kindle fire.  with a purple cover.  oh does she know me well.  i am super psyched and also feel like a super jerk.  no gifts right?  well i actually didn't get a gift.  i'm even a bigger super jerk cause i even forgot to get a card.  yup.  i stink.  but she's awesome.  as usual.  :)

i was thinking about mothers day last night in bed.  {in the two point two seconds it takes me to fall asleep}  and two things popped into my head.

1.  i miss my mom.  a lot.  she used to live right down the street from me and she watched the kids for me while i was at work so i saw her almost every day.  she's since moved to plymouth and i don't see her often enough at all.  and it all falls on me.  she doesn't own a car so obviously it's really hard for her to get here.  and i'm just so busy.  and it doesn't matter.  it's no excuse.  the day that's easiest for me to get there are friday mornings but then i feel bad that only two kids get to see her.  summer will be here soon and then i really need to get my butt over to see her more.  life is short.

2.  my kids are lucky.  super lucky.  you see they have three moms to celebrate mothers day with.  three moms to look after them and love them.  lucky.  think of how very special your mom is and then multiply that by three.  i love that they have so much love in their lives.  it makes me happy.  part of me really thought i'd have a problem sharing them.  does that make sense?  the idea of them possibly calling someone else mom or mommy used to kind of make me itch.  but i don't have a problem with it.  not at all.  like i said, they are lucky.  lucky to have all of us.

and my new toy.  cause i'm lucky too.  :)




  1. Happy Mother's Day, sweetpea!!! I sorry you stuck by your agreement of no gifts then felt badly when you got one. But what a cool gift!!! I wholeheartedly agree that your kids are super lucky to call three lucky women mom. There is no such thing as too much love! <3