{kale chips}


we all know i'm on this health kick.  well, i've been reading everywhere how amazing kale chips are.  "i wish i would have tried them sooner" was the number one response.  so, naturally, i made them.  chips are a girls best friend you know.

i am not a food photographer.  not at all.  i didn't even take pics of the middle parts.  ooops.

anyways. start with kale of course.


wash it and dry it. if you have a salad spinner, use it. if not lay it out to dry while you eat some ice cream. {i'm not saying i did this, but i wish i had}


you have to rip out the stems...


and then tear the remaining parts into bite sized pieces...


then you lay it on a cookie sheet and you sprinkle some olive oil {about two teaspoons demanding on how much kale you have} and some sea salt. i really just eyeballed this part. and i put the kale in a big gallon bag and really smushed the olive oil in. bake at 400 for 30 minutes or until the edges are brownish and it's crispy.


these weren't awful. kind of nutty. not bad. but definitely not chips. anyone have any tips to make them better??

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