{lady gaga, beyonce and baby blue}

trying to make chloe smile cause her teeth were bothering her in the car.

me:  "chloe, did you know that the other girl singing in this song {telephone} is beyonce?  she just had a baby.  she named her blue ivy.  isn't that a silly name?  should i call you blue elizabeth from now on?"

chloe: nothing

me:  "and bailey could be green, ian could be purple, and izz could be pink".

chloe:  nothing

ian:  "yay purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

me:  chuckle "of course" giggle giggle.

chloe:  nothing

ian:  "but lisa should be blue, cause that's her favorite color and you could be purp..."

me:  "ian, it was just a joke!"

chloe:  nothing

ian:  "awwww"

chloe:  nothing

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