{22, 23 and 24/366}

they are building a new high school in my hometown so i had to go check out the old one again before they tear it down.
22/366 : old school

if i'm working, i'm in flats. rain, sleet or snow.
23/366 : flats

24/366 : on a wire


  1. Awesome shots. I'm happy to see you are doing 366 instead of 365 since this is a leap year!


  2. Oh wow! I love your flats! Great pop of color amid all that gray! Good for you for braving it in the snow. Good for you for braving looking back at your high school too. Not sure I could have done that.

  3. he he he...the flats...ME TOO! No socks, cute flats...all year. 'Tis why central PA and I could never become friends...so much easier to do that in TN. I love the comp in these...the school and birds...really great!