what are your goals for 2012?
i have a few.....

1.  be more patient
2.  continue to value the time spent with loved ones
3.  write thoughtful posts on this blog...not just pretty pictures
4.  yell less...get my kids buy-in that they need to listen the first time {or at least the second or third}
5.  take more photographs and less snapshots  {but keep taking the snapshots too}
6.  learn how to use my iMac
7.  commit to a photography challenge and stick too it
8.  become healthier {not just lose weight but be healthier}

there are many many more things that i want in the new year.  these are just a few that come to the front of my mind.  i'm sure i'll share with you all as my year goes along. 

for now, i share with you how lisa and i spent our new year's eve.  we went to lisa's family christmas party.  it was a ton of fun.  i also had wine.  yummmmm.  with ice.  out of a red solo cup.  yup.  i'm classy!  :)

we got home and promptly passed out before 11 pm.  we did dvr the ball dropping so we could watch it later though.  ;)

Red solo cup

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