{1/12 MCP & 1/52 M4H - resolution}

i'm also doing {MCP's 12 month challenge}.  this month's theme was resolution.  the theme for {My four hens} is also resolutions.  i don't know if i'll do all the challenges every week or month but if i can, then i will.  :)

my resolution this year is to fill up these photo albums that my dear sweet friend {carrie} gave me last year.  i just want to print more pictures in general.  that is what i miss most about film.  having the tangible pictures in my hands to hold.  having those beautiful photo albums on the shelf to sit down and flip through with the family.

1/12 & 1/52 : resolution

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  1. What a great resolution, Angela! I always enjoy reading your blog posts and you get some pretty amazing photos with your phone (just read the NY trip post). I hope you post a week two photo this week!