{the christmas bell}

ian's teachers had a polar express party for the kids at school.  they got a "ticket" to the train and watched the movie in class.  they also taped a bell with a red yarn string under each kids chair for them to take home.  {or at least that's how ian tells the story}.


ian LOVES this bell.  what he loves even more?  giving the bell away.  and then taking it back.  he's a complete indian giver.  sweet huh?  really though, it was the absolute cutest thing.  he had a piece of white tissue paper that he "wrapped" the bell in and then he would gift it to people.  i remember the look on his face when he gave it to me.  it was the same look he had when he gave it to lisa, my mom, my sister, chloe and everyone else.  it was sheer joy.  the sheer joy you have when you give something that you know they will LOVE.  when it's something you LOVE too.  so he would gift the bell to each person and then he would take it back.



my mom opened it and thought it was the sweetest gift until i told her she couldn't keep it.  i told her to wrap it back up and give it back to him.  then she watched him give it to my sisters.  and then it was the sweetest gift again.



ian has such a sweet soul.  i hope that never fades away.


  1. This totally made me smile! What a sweet soul indeed!

  2. So sweet! My room mom for school did a Polar Express theme for our holiday party as well.

  3. He is such a sweetie. And I love your pictures, especially the first one. You also can work that grain. :-)

  4. Wow.. I love your use of grain! great images.