{insta-friday 11/25}

today's insta-friday is black friday.  since i work for a big box retail store my life this week has been about preparing for black friday.  i'm going to start with those pics and kind of work my way backwards....it will be ok.  i promise.  :)  although i'm gonna go back to the middle of the week and then work my way to today and then go back to the beginning of the....oh crap you know what?  let's just start at the beginning.  :)

last friday night we had a team outing at work.  we went to a providence bruins game.  it was fun.

i wore my cute necklace this week....

on monday we went to lisa's mom's house to inventory what we already had for the kids for christmas. we read the paper and looked at some catalogs too.

lisa's mom has these cute pilgrim doll things out.

then we were off to target where we did *almost* all of our shopping for the kids. and when i say almost, i mean like 99.9%. oh and we also had some hot chocolates with whipped cream and cinnamon. yummy!

we went to chilis and got take out for lunch. i took these while waiting for the food.


i really wish we had been able to go to this. it would have been epic. ;)

chloe had a thanksgiving event at school. it was super cute.

ian made a potato pumpkin at school.

i might have a slight problem....

balsam is back! and we attempted a holiday card photo. :)

now on to black friday. i could bore you with everything we did at the store to keep people safe this year but i won't. i'll just share the few pics i have of our line. this year we had about 900 people in line. which was a crazy huge amount. to put it in perspective, last year we had about 350 which was the most we had had before. everyone was polite and well behaved for the most part. NOT like over at another store in our plaza. rumor has it that he threatened someone that cut him with a gun. really????! you wanted that tv that bad????! i'm pretty sure they don't have good deals on flat screens in lock up at the local pd. just sayin'. ;)

this was my set up outside that we did wednesday night before we left.

kendra took these pics of the line when we got there for crowd control.  


the twins wanted a "security" pic. :)

this am i got home, napped for two hours and dragged the kids to the coffee shop. i was in my pajamas with my rockin' hat. don't be jealous.

this filter makes me look like i have a black eye. i don't. promise. :)

life rearranged


  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    Lovely collection of photos! Target looks like it has some pretty sweet deals! I'm thinking of tredding on over there today. LOVE the Starbucks shot! Your blog is fabulous! Love the layout.
    Stopping by from InsaFriday :)
    ~a @ www.thislifeissweetblog.com

  2. I've missed doing the rounds for the non-business blog love, especially yours. You are such a good storyteller that I feel like I'm by your side throughout your week. My daughter works at Starbucks inside of Target and said it was nuts from 1-3 (like 80 drinks waiting). Ugh! I feel for you. And I'm so jealous you are done with Christmas shopping, I haven't even started.

    Love the Instamatic shots with your iPhone. These are all fab!