{insta-friday 11/11}

today is friday. which means it's insta-friday. the perfect day to dump all the weeks pics off of my cell phone and shove them down your throat share them with you.

last friday afternoon ian had to go have an xray to find out if he needs his tonsils out.

last weekend the kids were with their dad and lisa and i had a nice relaxing couple of nights. on one of the nights we had popcorn, wine and watched a movie. love and other drugs. it was good. it was better because anne hathaway was in it. it was even better because she was naked. ;)

hers and hers. ;)

i tried a new wine from cupcake vineyards. cupcakes + wine = heaven.

look at those cute little cupcakes around the top of the bottle.

this is my go-to wine. yummmm.

while i drink wine, my love drinks rum. :)

this is delicious. period.

can you believe i almost threw these awesome shoes away?!

don't tell anyone that i take pictures of recipes so that i don't have to buy the whole magazine. shhhhhhhhhhhh.

it was gorgeous this week. can't believe it's november.

i made this apple pie for a family dinner lisa and i are having tonight. we invited over my mom and my sisters {that live in the state :)}. we are making turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, apple pie and maybe some rum spiked eggnog. ;)

my favorite photo app is hipstamatic.  i ALMOST always love the results.  however, there is one 


at target, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. :)

and of course the first sign that christmas is upon us....

love them!

life rearranged

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