{weight loss...grateful day 4}

i want to combine these posts because one, i'm lazy and two, they fit. i am so grateful for all the support i've received during my weight loss venture. not only from friends and family but from people i've never even met irl before. you are all so awesome!

so this week i only lost another .4 pounds.  BUT, i went down a belt loop.  this is very exciting.  when i bought the belt i wore it on the very last {biggest} hole.  i had lost some weight and went down to almost the third one in.  then i gained and was so big i couldn't comfortably wear it at all.  well this week, i'm down to hole two.  :)  super excited about this!

this is my belt here.  notice how that hole to the right is so stretched out.  lol.  hoping to never use that one again!  :)

{6.6/25...at 10 i'm getting mcdonald's}

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