{grateful...day one}

grateful...day one.  i've seen many people post each day during november what they are grateful for.  i plan to do it this month on my blog.  i will post pictures {new or old}, videos {new or old} anything really that gets my grateful thing for that day across.  i'm not going to stress over taking new pictures every day.  in fact i'll probably be sharing some old stuff cause i love going back through old pictures and reliving the memories.

so back to day one.  it's got to be one hundred and a million percent, my family.  i've always been a huge family person.  while i don't get along with everyone in my extended family, MY family is the most important thing in the world to me.  i'm grateful that they love me always no matter what.  i can screw up and they are still there with their arms wide open waiting for me.  they love me unconditionally as i do them.  the love that i get from lisa and the kids is enough to overwhelm me in the best way possible and occasionally brings me to tears.  to know that someone loves me as much as i love them is just perfection.




you may have seen all of these pics before but like i said...not gonna beat myself up over new stuff. :)

p.s. i'm also late.  not gonna beat myself up over posting everything on the correct day...i'm a rebel like that!

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