{catalog shopping}

the kids love to visit lisa's mom.  she has a great backyard that they love to run around in.  she also has snuggles.  snuggles is lisa's cat that stayed behind when she moved out.  she's very tolerable of the kids.  she'll sit there and let them pat her.  for the most part.  lol.

there are also always catalogs there.  i remember while growing up i would love to go to my nana's house and circle all of those strangely seductive toys i'd never seen in the store.  did i NEED an art set to make window catchers?  did i NEED the beads shaped like people?  did i NEED a potholder maker?  no.  but i WANTED them.  i saw some of the coolest {and lamest} stuff in those catalogs. 

we visited this week and catalog shopping was done.  chloe especially enjoyed it.  she said "i want this" and "this is soooooooo cool" to every single thing in the catalog.  except the baby stuff.  "i'm too old for baby stuff".  she reminded me so much of myself when i was her age.  :)


ian got in on the action too.  {kind of.  he was looking at the art museum catalog}   :)

lisa read the paper.

i looked at the pottery barn catalog and drooled at all the cool stuff that i don't NEED but that i certainly WANT.  i guess some things never change.



what is your favorite catalog?!


  1. I remember getting so excited when the Christmas catalogs would come out full of toys. I would study every single page and circle everything I wanted so that Santa would have a lot to choose from. Now... I pin it on Pinterest. :) As for catalogs ... I'm thinking my fav is probably West Elm.

  2. Oh I love Pottery Barn! And I love catalogs. When I was little I loved the Spiegel catalog. :)

  3. Doh! Is that why I love Pinterest so much?! ;)