this week has been a struggle. in many ways. i took some time off of work. {just a few days} but i'm really struggling with getting fully back into work mode. kwim? then, my photoshop trial has run out. i've purchased new software but the papers i sent to them for the education discount weren't enough info, so i sent more but haven't heard back. i'm not the most patient person. i case you didn't know. also, i've taken my 366 photo everyday but i have almost two weeks worth to post and i won't post without running them through photoshop. grrrrr. also, in case you're curious, i've taken an iPhone 366 pic everyday too. :)

mostly though, i'm struggling with my diet. today especially. today was awful. i'm having one of those super bad period days. you know the ones where if your coworkers were made out of chocolate you'd probably eat them? yeah. one of those. so i've snacked all day. i bought a bag of cadburry mini eggs. aka kryptonite. although i haven't opened them yet.....yet. tonight is a movie night for lisa and i so i'm sure i'll be eating them. and, i have the hugest ice cream sundae waiting for me in the freezer. coffee ice cream with caramel and heath bar. so yeah. struggles. i've been ok. and by ok i mean i've been better than i am when i'm not on a diet but still. AND i've been working out but not like i should be. so basically i failed this week. but you know what? there's always tomorrow. tomorrow is a new day. :)

really i should say now is a new now, but that ice cream is calling my name, so yeah. tomorrow.

p.s. i got a bag of stroopwafels from a friend.  i can't not eat them.  that would be mean to her and to the stroopwafels.  right?!


  1. I hope you feel better about your diet soon. I think everyone goes through rough patches like this.

    BTW I totally laughed at your comment about eating your colleagues if they were chocolate! Ha!

  2. I am a snacker too. I eat all kinds of crazy things during that time of the month, Marc looked at me the other night and was like, why are you eating sandwich meat directly out of the package? Stay strong! Tomorrow is always another day and another opportunity. :)