here is my week in photos. :)

chloe got a weaving thing from christmas to make a potholder. while izz was napping, her and ian made it.

before bay's game on saturday, i brought the smaller kids to target to get dinner as a treat. fizz's top lip got really big for some reason. benadryl brought it right down. i still don't know what did it since she didn't eat anything else. it didn't bother her at all either. p.s. don't mind her dried snot. it's actually banana.

on sunday i went to target by.myself. {thanks lisa} to check out the jason wu stuff. silly me got there at 10ish. this dress was the only cuteish thing left. i tried it on but it was one size too small. boo.

we went to friendly's for lunch on sunday.

what i pics should look like. i usually make her smile for me. lol. i'm nuts. she loves me anyways.

chloe made a 100 day project. ian made a valentines day project.

i made these awesome covers for my iPhone. i got a tutorial on pinterest. i'm going to share with you how i made them as soon as i get photoshop in the mail. ;)

i love the new sbux cups. so pretty. and that book, hilarious. i'm on chapter two and hooked i want to be her best friend.

last night i painted the girls fingernails a sparkly blue. ian wanted his painted too. so i compromised with him and did his toes. ;) he was super happy.

lisa helped chloe with her loose tooth last night. it was really dangling there. gross.

ian proclaimed to me this morning that he is going to be a hairdresser when he grows up and that he wants me to come to his shop. i told him i wouldn't dare go to anyone else.

and one of a pic of lisa and i still developing from my new polaroid camera. don't mind my crazy eyes....

life rearranged


  1. I love the vday cups from starbucks...posted about mine today too.

  2. That pic of you and Lisa is super sweet. :D

    I think I am going to have to get a Twilight iPad cover Marc's iPad for April Fool's Day. Hee!

  3. I love the iPhone covers you made, and the Valentine Starbucks cups! I don't think we have those here in NZ. :(

  4. Those iPhone covers are so cool! I'm sorry you are having to wait so long for Photoshop, did you get the discount thingy figured out? Yay for lost teeth, painted toes, and cute Sbux cups! And a HUGE thank you for the most amazing, supportive comment EVAH on my blog. Huge hugs and kisses!!!