Wow! I suck! But I'll make it up to you by sharing three wonderful women with you that actually blog!

holy moly!  it's really been since September that i've posted here?  that's insane!  sorry about that.  not that i think there is anyone actually reading this because i haven't actually told anyone about it.  well, i guess that ends today.  i'm gonna tell people that i have this little corner of the world and if you are interested, then you are.  if not, then well, you're not.  and that's fine too.  :)

i'm gonna tell you today about three of my favorite "internet friends".  you know, women that i consider to be friends even though we've never met or even spoken on the phone.  i met them all through flickr, fb and such and i consider myself very lucky to know the three of them.  they have all inspired me in different ways.  they are three spectacularly wonderful awesomesauce women...!

the first (in no particular order) is Jude!

jude takes the most beautiful pictures of her children.  i fell in love with them when she took pictures of cain at 16 months but with newborn poses.  it struck me in such a deep way.  her children will have the pictures of their childhood that i think all children deserve.  here is my all time fave of judes....not sure if you'll be able to see it, but it's handsome little cain on a blanket in a basket in front of a window....in the buff of course, with the most yummy light ever.  this photo is one that is stuck in my head forever.  one of my all time favorites.  i hope you don't mind me (attempting) to share jude.  :)
she and i are in the middle of a year long project.  i'm sure she's doing much better than i am because i let life get in the way too much.  we are taking a picture of all four of our kids each week and at the end of the year, we're supposed to have 52ish beautiful pics of all of our beautiful children.  well, we are six months into the year, and i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind.  i'll have to cheat to catch up lol.  i'm not sure if jude remembers this, but she also sent me a bead for the birthing necklace i wanted to make when i had izzy.  quite a few of my "photographer friends" sent me one, but hers was special.  i know that she went out and picked out a bead just for me even though we've never met.  i still have the card she sent with it.  and it still brings tears to my eyes.  jude, thank you for inspiring me to catch the beautiful moments in my life more. 

the second (still in no particular order) is Carol!

carol and i became friends the same way, on flickr.  her pics of having fun with her family at ikea jumped out at me instantly.  we must be friends....we must.  i bring my camera to ikea too!  like jude's picture, this picture is one of my all time favorites from carol....again, i'm sure you won't be able to see it, cause well, you see, us smart ladies make our flickr pictures private.  so, if you're friends with carol, you'll be able to see it.
carol is so caring and fun.  she is an animal lover through and through.  her pet rat pictures made me think that rats could be cute instead of gross.  her boys are adorable!  and her blog, hysterical!  i almost always agree with everything carol says.  her blog is one of my go to blogs and the first that i ever subscribed to.  i love that she brings her camera everywhere!  and, i'm so jealous that carol goes to las vegas almost everyday!  ;)  i've never been, but when i go, i know who to look to for great inside scoops.  her love for cape cod brought us closer.  maybe someday she'll live out here and we can have tea and make shrinky dinks together.  :)  thank you carol for inspiring me to blog....blog....blog.  you are my blogging queen!

and last, but absolutely not least, is Katelyn!

katelyn and i (again) met on flickr.  her self portraits were gorgeous!  and inspiring.  katelyn is a beautiful woman, but more than that, she always seems so confident and comfortable in her own skin.  katelyn's all time favorite photo of mine isn't available for preview since she no longer has a flickr stream.  please be sure to browse through her blog for some of the yummiest wedding photos you'll ever see!  she recently, well about a year ago, moved to be a nanny for a wonderful family.  right before reporting for her new role in life she got married.  how her and joe continue to be there for eachother and be happily married living away from eachother is heart inspiring.  katelyn is very healthy.  her health and that of others is very important to her.  she also makes healthy food look delicious!  omg!  everytime i'm on her blog i leave starving.  what most inspires me about katelyn is her recent decision to "live life for her".  she is trying to stop living and looking the way she thinks the world wants her to and has started living and looking the way she wants to.  she has dreads now, which i think may have been a stress to her at first.  i'm sure she was somewhat worried about what people would think, but the fact that she did it anyways and is comfortable with them, makes her 100 times more beautiful in my eyes.  katelyn, thank you for inspiring me to live life for me and to be comfortable in my own skin. 

I hope you subscribe to these women's blogs and let them inspire you the way they have inspired me.  :)

- A

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