a day of firsts...

today was a day of firsts.  as these past couple of weeks have been with back to school.
our first first today…
chloe asked me last week if she could buy lunch.  she started kindergarten this week and has never been able to “buy” a lunch before.  today, she took her money to school with her to buy her very first school lunch.  she was beyond excited.  it remined me of just how little she still is.  :)
here she is with her $$$
and again….
then of course, ian and isobel had to get in on the action.  although, izzy doesn’t look too thrilled.  ;)
then ian had to take pictures too.  first he took one of me.
and then while i was taking one of him taking one of me, chloe threw the $$$ in for good measure.  :)
then after dropping chloe and ian off at school, izzy and i had our first coffee/target date.  ian and i used to go all the time while chloe was in school.  this was our first time.  i got a pumpkin spice latte.  she got some banana cookies.  she talked to everyone.  even the creepy stranger guy who was calling her by her name just because he heard me say it.  she also insisted on yelling bye to everyone….a million billion times.  it was great fun.  here she is at sbux, my first true coffee love.

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