Disney Day Three

i had posted some pics from day one and two before.  here's some from day three.  :)  day three was my day with jen.  we went to universal and i finally got to go to hogwarts.

we started the day off with a trip to one of the happiest places on earth.  ;)

a wide view of the hulk....yes we went on it.  yes, i'm too old for it.  lol.

the entrance to hogwarts.  hogwarts made universal the second best theme park next to disney.  so awesomesauce.

the castle was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

jen and i!  :)

an artisticy pic of the castle



i was afraid of butterbeer.  i hate beer.  despise it.  i asked the woman what it tasted like and she told me it was reminiscent of shortbread cookies and buttersotch....omg....sign me up!

the roasted potatoes were heaven

LOVE the crooked chimneys  :)

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