I'm Alive! Really though....

Just let me say, I know I've said it to some of you and even maybe on here and on FB but, OMG.  That surgery was by far the worst thing I've ever gone through ever.  They told me a million times that it's worse for adults.  We just don't bounce back as quickly.  But I had NO idea just how awful it would be.  I've since Googled it and could have read many millions of horror stories.  I'm glad I didn't.  I wouldn't have gone through with it.  As horrible as it was, TODAY I can say I"m glad I did it.  If you asked me even yesterday I would have told you that you were insane.  But today, is a good day some I'm trying to look on the upside of things.  I'm still in some pain but have actually went all day without the painkillers.  It's more annoying than medication needing. 

For the record, they say you lose a ton of weight since you don't eat anything that's not almost liquid form for almost a month.  As of today, I am down 16 pounds.  I know it's not healthy weight loss, but I'm going to enjoy my smaller belly while it's here.  I'm sure I'll gain that and more back once I can eat real food again.  Mmmmmmmmm real food. 

Here are a few pics from my week.  I have lots and lots of pics of my tonsils throughout the process but I'm sure you don't want to see those....they are gross.  :)

At the hospital...nervous.

This is after some meds to make me "less nervous".  lol

This is day four or five.  First day I could muster up a smile to send my love so she knew I was ok.

Chloe got to bring Moko home this weekend.  She's the last one to bring him home this year.  I'm so excited to be feeling better and to be able to enjoy Moko with her.  She's one happy girl!!!!

One more of Moko and a hint of one of the "fun things" we did today.  :)

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