Hey y'all!  I made these all way too big and I'm way to lazy to go back and change them so Sorry, not sorry.

My kids crack me up.  Seriously.  Our smaller cousins were over and Brandon was afraid of Ian in the gorilla suit but loves Toy Story so we told Ian to go put on the Woody costume.  At least he did what he was told, huh???
These kids crack me up!

It must be great to be an eight year old girl and get to hang around in awesome feety pajamas!

This one still melts me.  Those eyes.

Aren't these ornaments super fabulous?  I need to have them for our tree.  Not that we have any room at all for ornaments, but still.
I must have these ornaments.  So cute!  #pride #rainbow #target

Love.  Love.  Love.
I love my family so very much!  Xoxo

Jen and I saw Macklemore last weekend.  He was amazingly awesome.

The Christmas tree at Target this year has such a pretty color scheme.
Love the color scheme of the @target tree this year. #target #christmas

Omg you guys, I've been uploading all my old videos to Flickr and have to share a couple. Watching these make me realize just how big they have gotten and just how fast time goes by.

life rearranged

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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