{I'm Gonna Run for My Life}

At the Disney Princess 5k in February. I can't wait. I've been really working on getting healthier. I've lost 25 pounds and I've started to "run". The quotations are there cause I don't think you can really call it running. It's more like jogging or shuffling at a speedy pace. ;)


I've really wanted to run a 5K and what better place to run your first than at the most magical place ever? Surely someone will throw pixie dust on me so that I can actually finish the race at pace and not get picked up by the dreaded pace car. Right???? Apparently if you're not up to "pace" at least 16 mph, the reserve the right to pick you up and drop you off at the finish line. How embarrasing!

Can you imagine running through Disney before the park opens? How amazing must that be? My race will be held in Epcot, not Magic Kingdom but I hope someday to run a race in each the parks. But I posted this picture of MK because it's just so dreamy.


I've been doing the Couch to 5K app and I just hit week Four. I had done it before and got to week three and hurt myself so I ended up starting over. Yesterday I forgo that app and just went out on my route and ran as much of it as I possibly could. With walking for the first five minutes to warm up, I was just over 16 minutes. So I think I'm gonna leave the app in the dust and just concentrate on running faster. I'm a really slow "runner".

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. "Shuffling at a speedy pace" lol love it!!

  2. I am not much of a 5Ker but I might make the exception for Disney!