{A vlog! and Insta-Friday….11/22/13}

This was the longest I had run a few days ago.  Not anymore!  Today I ran for an hour.  :)Untitled

Came into work last week to find these signs up.  Thank goodness for Blue laws in MA.  Otherwise I'd be working on Thanksgiving instead of at Midnight.  That's a huge difference.  NOT!  Seriously, I'm not even going to get started.

This one.  Last night she passed out on the couch.  She was asleep for maybe two minutes when Lisa work her and told her to come over to her in the chair NEXT to the couch.  She just kind of flopped down to the floor and passed out.
She may have been a little bit tired.

Ian found my hat.  He wore it all day yesterday.  Whenever he had to put his coat on, he would take the hat off, put the coat and hood on and put the hat right on top of the hood.  When he got ready for bed he put it back on and asked me to take a picture of his "outfit".  total cuteness.
He wanted a pic with the hat and his jammies. #stylin

Chloe looks very cute in the hat.  When I asked her what was up with her tongue in this picture, she replied with "What are you talking about?"
Chloe, what's up with your tongue? What are you talking about?!

These look super intriguing.  Someone try them and tell me how they are.
Not gonna lie, these are super intriguing.

My babe was helping me stretch after my run on Wednesday.  She's just too cute.
How sweet is my babe?  She was helping me stretch the other day after my run.  #latergram

Am I the only one that takes picture of cute book covers so I remember about them when it's time to download a new book?

This is kind of old but my friend Shelby left Target after many many years.  This was her going away dinner.  :)

Seriously.  No comment needed.
She's a total goofball and utterly perfect in every way.

I think these are adorable and asked Lisa if we could take a family pic with them.  She said "No".  She's funny thinking she has a choice or say just cause I asked.
These are cute!  #target

Did anyone watch Master Chef Junior?  Dara was one of the finalists and she always wore these headbands with huge bows on them.  Izz saw this one and was very excited to be able to look like her.  She picked the red over the pink because it "matched her outfit".  We're gonna be in trouble with this one.
She was very excited to look like Dara from Master Chef Junior.

Oh!  And I vlogged today!

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  1. When I first saw that Pringles picture, I thought "ew,gross!", But then, I love salty and sweet together so it could be really good.......not sure if I'm up for trying them tough. =) We will see.....

  2. You live in Mass?? Nice!! I'm in CT! So sorry you have to work on Black Friday. Also, I wish I wasn't allergic to pecans, those Pringles actually sound pretty intriguing! Last thing - your kids are SO CUTE!