{the way i view...blessings}

this is the second to last installment of the "the way i view" with the very talented ladies over at Clickinmoms.  i'm really happy it's the second to last.  i haven't been giving this challenge my all but i want to finish out the year and not give up.  make sense?

i will not be doing this challenge next year.  it's nothing against the challenge.  the challenge itself is great.  and the women that are in my circle are great too.  it's just me.  it doesn't inspire me anymore.  it stressed me out.  maybe it's because i started another challenge that i absolutely adore.  i don't know but i will finish.

this month's topic is blessings.  i have many many blessings but the most important are my family.  they are my everything.  here are some shots from our christmas photo that we took on thanksgiving this year.  i had bought a remote but it didn't work with my camera so i did the timer run thing.  it kind of made me look like i was photobombing a cute family in some of them, but so be it.





please go check out the very talented {clair's} way of viewing blessings.  


  1. those are so adorable - so did the timer you just bought work? or not? i hope i'm on the card list xoxo

  2. What terrific pictures of your family!!

  3. These pictures turned out great! The sun is beautiful and I would never know you had to run in with the timer set (that usually gets my children laughing). I'll miss having you in the blog circle, but glad you found a challenge that your excited about and helps you grow. Thanks for sticking it out!