i'm posting this on saturday and cheating and making it yesterday's date.  i know, i'm a jerk.  i've missed insta-friday the last couple of weeks and didn't want to miss it this week too.

we've been reading harry potter.  lisa and bailey have been doing most of the reading but chloe gave it a shot the other night.  she did such a good job!  and bailey was such a good helper!  :)

i bought a lock for when i'm at zumba so i could bring my purse in because there's been some break-ins in the cars.  i came out to this.  two purple locks??????!  with my memory.  thank god i was able to remember my combination and tried both.  a few times.  ;)

we had lunch with carol and aaron last week.  she gave me these sweet treats.  that's pumpkin bread underneath.  ;)

i am LOVING the pitch perfect station on pandora.  this is one of my favorite songs.  

i made a new phone case with cute christmas paper.  :)

i have the best barista ever!  

we went christmas tree shopping this week.  woop woop!

i had to get up at 3am to move this damn thing.  we always forget.

lisa and i went out for breakfast this week.  there was a woman taking pics of a sandwich.  hmmm.

my beautiful love.

we got our christmas card in the mail!!!!!  :)

isn't it the prettiest naked tree ever???!

we all LOVE this show.  i know.   i know.

super handsome, isn't he?

breakfast.  :)

life rearranged

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  1. Love your Insta-Friday posts, Angela! I had to chime in about the Elf... DH showed up 12/1 with this dratted thing. I thought our kids were too old for it but he wanted to start the tradition. Guess who's been stuck moving him every night? Guess who had to make up a cover story for the night I forgot? Guess who has to clean up the messes he makes? Grrr... we should start a Hate-the-Elf club or something.

    My family loves Wipeout too. ;)

    That iPhone case is darling! And so are your nails!