{sunday social...holiday style}

linking up again this week over at {a complete waste of makeup} for sunday social.

1.  What is your favorite Holiday season tradition?
  - oh gosh, i have so many of them.  i  love picking out and decorating our tree.  i also love making ornaments.

this is the ornament from last year.

i also love our elf on the shelf.

2.  Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others?  If so what is it?
 - not really.  i do love the grinch though.

3.  Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have.
 - i don't really have one.  i can pretty much make anything i want.  i do have a board for things i want to make for christmas.  you can check it out {here}.

4.  Favorite holiday song?
 - last christmas by wham

5.  Favorite holiday dessert?
 - anything.  it's dessert.  right?????  i do make cookies that i love and it's the only time i ever make fudge.  so i guess fudge!  ;)

by far my favorite thing about christmas is sitting in front of the tv drinking coffee and just relaxing.  :)

Sunday Social

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  1. Okay, I want to do this. I am never on the computer anymore, sigh. I loved reading this. You should join us in watching Elf 500 times a year ;)
    Last Christmas is the song JJ sang to G when we brought him home to calm him. Sweetest memory.