{Life Lately - 5/17/15}

In the fall all three little kids played soccer.  This time only Chloe wanted to play. We have two practices a week plus her game. 

We have soooooo many gorgeous flowers at our house.  The previous owner did such a wonderful job.  It's so exciting to see the new things that bloom each day. 

Mommy, take my picture over here!

We also have this to die for rock wall lining our driveway. 

I love that she loves to read so much. 

The kids have been playing outside non-stop since the weather has been nice!

Leave it to these tow to find an electronic device to play with in a book store.  Geeesh. 

This one loved all the actual books.  

This kid. Slays me. He's the best at honoring me and my selfies. 

My dad came down last weekend andBailey  went fishing.  We needed to all go check out the dock. 

When we bought the house we weren't planning on keeping the hot tub.  Everyone said "just wait, as soon as you get in it you'll keep it". They were right!  This was the littles first time in. They loved it. 

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